Leafy Party is raising money for Becky

Posted on: June 22nd, 2012

Sang from Leafy Party just told us about their Pastor’s daughter, Becky, who is currently in critical condition.  She is a 23 year old grad student from Columbia University and came home to check herself into the ER from feeling very weak.  The doctors did 8 days worth of tests and cannot figure out what is wrong with her.  She cannot eat or drink.  She vomits everything that goes into her mouth and has seizures and fevers.  The family being in the ministry cannot afford these hospital bills so Leafy Party wants to donate all proceeds they make from any party to Becky’s family.



Leafy Party’s $550 value package is only $300 (1단돌상) and it really includes everything from head table decoration, rice cakes, cake, photo table decoration, and doljabi.


Also if you are interested in donating money, please email them at leafyparty@gmail.com.  If you can’t help financially, please pray for her.  Thank you.

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