Kids Power Bible Set Giveaway!

Posted on: June 25th, 2012

Here is another amazing giveaway sponsored by! Kids Power Bible is giving away one full set of their Power bible collection to one lucky winner.  Retail value is $149.90. Winner can choose either English or Korean translation! The power bible is in comic form which makes it fun and easy for kids to understand stories filled with biblical history! Great for adults to also read to their children!


Here’s How to Enter:

(1) Go to and tell us in the Comments Section below, which Book (from the set) you most want and why.

(2) For additional entry into this contest, “like” Power Bible Facebook Page and Korean1stbirthday Facebook Page and write an additional comment below informing us you did so.
Winner will be announced on Friday, June 29, 2012. Entries accepted now until Thursday, June 28, 2012 at 10:00pm (Pacific Standard time).



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32 Responses

  1. Susan Park says:

    I want Book 1, From creation to the story of Joseph, in Korean. My daughter loves the story of Joseph and I want to read it to her in Korean so she can also learn Korean while enjoying her favorite bible stories.

  2. Susan Park says:

    I “liked” power bible and korean1stbirthday on facebook!

  3. Elizabeth P. says:

    I like the Birth of Jesus

  4. Hana K says:

    I like the David book.

  5. Hana K says:

    I liked the fb pages

  6. charity chung says:

    I like the Light of Salvation book! My 6 year old is taking a very spiritual path right now and I would love to win for her!

  7. charity chung says:

    I “liked” the pages.

  8. Grace Pak says:

    Book 1 would be my choice for my 13 month-old. This would be a great way to introduce the bible stories. Thanks for the giveaway and for introducing us to the Power Bible collection!

  9. Dolly Aguirre says:

    This is a great way for my kids to strengthen their relationships with God by better understanding bible stories! God bless KFB and :)

  10. min park says:

    it’s hard to choose which book i want because i want all of them! They’re all important stories and i want to read them to my children so they can learn about God. Comics books would be so fun to read! I have couple of children’s bible books at home but they’re in English so i would want the Korean set.

  11. Kelly ChoI says:

    The Light of Salvation because it tells of Jesus’ miracles, power and authority.

  12. Connie says:

    oh my goodness~!!! what a wonderful way to introduce the bible to my baby cuz he doesn’t have one yet & what boy doesn’t love comic books :)

    it’s hard for me to chose just one cuz i want them all, but book 1 from creation to the story of joseph would be a great start to familiarize him with the characters & stories from the bible.

    i also liked both power bible & korean1stbirthday fb pages :)

  13. Lee says:

    I would like Book 3 The Promised Land because my son’s name is Caleb and I want him to know that he was named after a faithful servant of God :)

  14. SSong says:

    I’d most want Book 7, The Birth of Jesus for my daughter because I think it’s important that she can see that Jesus is the unique Son of God.

  15. Jane Shin says:

    I would love to have Book 6 that tells the magnificent story of Esther, who was so courageous and faithful to save her people. I think she is a wonderful role model for my daughter and young girls who surely lack role models of this type today!

  16. Ybarra Stewart says:

    I believe my child would love reading the bible in comic book style. I’ve never seen it written this way.

  17. Angela says:

    Book 9 is the culmination of God’s plan of salvation through Jesus’ work on the cross – this is God’s ultimate love for us!

  18. S.J. Phillips says:

    I “Liked” the Korean 1st Birthday FB Page for a while now, and added a “Like” for the Power Bible FB page!

  19. S.J. Phillips says:

    If I were to choose one book from the set, it would be Book 7, the Birth of Jesus. The reality that Jesus was born into humble beginnings, to experience the daily joys and discomforts of growing from infancy as a human being when in truth He could command divine power as He was fully God is so amazing to me. I think this would be a good way to visualize the concept to my little girl.

  20. Jane Yang says:

    Wow, so awesome! Would love “From Creation to the Story of Joseph” since lately we’ve been focusing/teaching our child the foundation of the gospel and emphasizing how God is the beginning and God created all things.

  21. Jane Yang says:

    I have liked on fb!

  22. Grace Bae says:

    I would love From Creation to the story of Joseph in English. What a great way to share the Bible with young children!

  23. Leslie Kim says:

    The book I would want the most is book 7: “The Birth of Jesus” in English. I want to introduce my little one to the bible in a way that he can understand and enjoy learning it. These books are a fantastic way to introduce young ones and I will keep them interested with the fun animated feel and bright colors.

  24. Sandy says:

    These books are amazing! If I had to choose one book from the set, it would have to be Book 1, “From Creation to the story of Joseph” in English. My son loves to hear the story of “Noah’s Ark”. I would love for him to hear this story, as well as other stories, in comic book form! I think it will grab his attention and want to read it by himself in the future when he’s able. Not only that, I think my husband will enjoy reading these bible stories to our son, as well. Hearing, seeing and being familiar with the bible stories at a very young age will help build a foundation for “training and instructing” him in God’s way as the Lord instructs me to in His Word.

    Thank you so much for letting me know about the Kids Power Bible. I would never have heard of it if it wasn’t for you! Thank you, again.

  25. Krista Riester says:

    Just to be different, lol, I would pick an eternal kingdom. I love the book of revelations. I would love to win this set in English.

  26. Krista Riester says:

    I liked both pages for the extra entry

  27. Joan Park says:

    I would like book 9 to teach my girl about Christ’s love and sacrifice.
    I think it would be great to have a set in Korean so she can be bilingual. Her dad will probably have to read to her instead of me (I read Korean very slow). This is perfect, this can be daddy and baby bonding time! I love it!!

  28. Joan Park says:

    Liked both pages on Facebook! :)

  29. Sujin says:

    I love the Birth of Jesus because it is all about Jesus!

  30. V Fernando says:

    I want Book 1, From creation to the story of Joseph. Want it in English. This will help me and my son to know the very beginning of our world. I’d love my son to know who created him and what he can do in his life and so this is the first step.

  31. V Fernando says:

    internet too slow here but i just “Liked” the two facebook page. Their both amazing pages. they have all this great ideas everyday and i think that helps us to really remember who created us and the things he can do in our lifes. and to go in their pages and their a verse, it just helps our day! thanks so much for doing such a wonderful job. LIKE

  32. Korean 1st Birthday says:

    #5 Hana, you are the winner!

    Contest now closed. Thank you for entering!

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