How to Cut Costs When Planning a Doljanchi

Posted on: June 2nd, 2012

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  1. Keep your guest list small and limit it to family and close friends.
  2. Save money by sending out an Evite or make  your own invitations.
  3. Consider no cost or affordable options, like your home, backyard, your community recreation center, local park, or possibly a friend or family member’s home. If you want to have it at a restaurant or banquet room, consider taking advantage of weekday rates.
  4. Ask your family and friends to help you decorate! DIY ideas can be found for almost anything. If you know a friend who recently had a dol party, ask them if you could borrow their stuff (such as dol go ims, platters, vases, etc.)
  5. Consider having your party during non-meal times. Dessert bar or snack bar would be an option. Or if you plan on serving food, ask your close friends and family to help you cook. If you plan to cater Korean food, cater through your local Korean market as it is usually cheaper.
  6. Order a smaller cake for display purposes and serve a sheet cake.  Or consider making cupcakes yourself or other home-made goodies.
  7. Provide low cost entertainment/activities for young ones. For example, you can download free coloring pages off the internet and provide a box of crayons. If you own board games, have it out for the children. Visit the dollar store or local craft store for their $1 deals. Ask a friend to help out by doing face painting or making simple balloon art.
  8. Ask someone to take pictures for you. Or purchase disposable cameras and have them on each table for the guests to take photos throughout the event.
  9. Borrow a hanbok from a friend or consider renting one.
  10. Download free printables or make your own doljabi board using a poster board.  Ask around to see if you can borrow a party banner or rent one! Or if you are creative, you can make your own out of butcher paper or cloth.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I’m happy to find tips and DIY for my son’s party!

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